Hotel Noord Brabant, or how I got interested.

Hotel Noord-Brabant Utrecht.

Disappeared as a hotel in Utrecht but the Art Nouveau building itself still exits.
The origin goes back as far as the 16th century but the building got its current look in 1905 when the owner H.J. Venster ordered the architect Rijk Rijksen (1872-1944) to build him a new hotel.
The new hotel was built in Art Nouveau style.
After a few changes of ownership, the hotel came into the hands of entrepreneur Piet Mulders, who named it 'Noord Brabant' in 1910. Beer brewer Heineken paid for a renovation in 1915 and became co-owner, while the Mulder family remained in charge of daily business.
After 1930, championships and demonstrations were regularly held in the two billiard rooms of the hotel. And there we have the link to why I’m interested in this hotel and its billiards history.
Years ago, on a flea market I found a set of diner menu cards all in a billiards related style.
That got me started to see if I could find more stuff that related to its billiards history.
The pictures will give you a pretty good idea about what I have and what I’m looking for.