Results of the BWA World Cup tournaments in PDF format

Two questions for all of you who downloads one of these files:
In case you re-destribute please mention that you found the file on my website. Not all results are known, so in case you have results that are not mentioned (or incomplete) please email these files to me.
All files are donated to the BWA archive by Raf Borremans, unfortunately not all files are complete. There are also results missing, I’m well aware of that. The pages I’m showing are all in this specific format and I would love to have the missing ones as well. Don’t worry, there is an option for you to find most of the missing results.
Please visit:
This is the website of Bert van Manen, the place for 3-cushion fans worldwide where they can look things up, answer their questions, settle arguments or just to refresh memory. An outstanding piece of work